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June ’21 Team Member Spotlight: Nikki LaTray

Nikki LaTray Family Pictures

Get to know this month’s Envase Team Member Spotlight: Nikki LaTray, Customer Onboarding Specialist for DrayMaster. Don’t forget to check out last months team member spotlight and learn more about the interesting people who make up the Envase team!

1. How long have you worked at Envase, and what’s your role?

Nikki:  I’ve worked for Envase just since March of this year, but I’ve been with DrayMaster for 3 years. I onboard new trucking and freight forwarding companies into the platform. I also field customer support and customer service calls and live chats.

2. What do you like most about your work?

Nikki: The transportation industry, especially intermodal, is still pretty new to me. I enjoy learning something new everyday and talking to our customers, which was difficult for me at first, being so new to the industry. Now, I’m starting to feel like an old hand at it!

3. Name one ENVASE member you would take on a road trip, and why?

Nikki: I haven’t met any Envase members, other than the DrayMaster group, in person yet, so this is a tough question. Probably Amanda Landry. I’ve been a pain in the neck with questions and issues during the transition and I’d try to show her I’m not really so high maintenance!

4. What’s the weirdest food you have ever tried?

Nikki: Not being much of an adventurous eater, the weirdest thing, and it isn’t that weird, is escargot. Only once.

5. If you could go anywhere now, where would it be and why?

Nikki: I’d like to visit Czech Republic. It’s where my mother’s family came from and I don’t think we honored that enough. My father was Native American and those roots are, obviously, pretty close to home and well known. I’d like to take my mom and my siblings with me. Maybe not. LOL!

6. If you could have one superpower ­what would it be?

Nikki: To be in more than once place at a time.

7. Something new I’d like to learn this year.

Nikki: Play drums.

8. One thing about you that no one knows in the organization.

NIKKI: For the last couple years I’ve been sewing all my own clothes. The first few things were pretty disastrous, but, I’m getting better. I do this, not because it’s economical, it isn’t! But, it’s a way to spend free time and still feel productive. I also like to “make” things. I owned and operated my own small bakery for 12 years before joining DrayMaster and miss the act of producing something.

9. Anything else you wish to add?

Nikki: I feel truly thankful to have landed at DrayMaster and now to join the Envase team. I hope to meet as many people as I can from Envase!

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