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October ’21 Team Member Spotlight: Wes Sousa

Get to know this month’s Envase Team Member Spotlight: Wes Sousa, Director of DevOps at Envase Technologies. Don’t forget to check out last months team member spotlight and learn more about the interesting people who make up the Envase team!

How long have you worked at ENVASE? What is your job & favorite part of it?

Wes: I started with Profit Tools in December 2013 and have been working with Envase since it’s inception. My position is the Director of DevOps. I love learning new things and getting to research and implement new technologies in AWS is a lot of fun. There are always new hurdles to tackle and projects popping up every day.

What is your favorite TV show and character?

WesI would have to say How I Met Your Mother and Ted Mosby. It’s one of those feel-good funny shows.

Name one ENVASE member you would take on a road trip, and why?

Wes: Nicholas Hutchison is the first person that comes to mind when it comes to traveling and I would choose him to take on a road trip. I have worked with Nick for many years, and he is always traveling all over the world and knows how to have a fun time.

What is the weirdest food you have ever tried?

Wes: I think I would have to go with Portuguese Black Pudding (Morcela). It’s up there with animal liver and heart.

Name a peculiar family tradition that you have?

Wes: I can’t really think of any peculiar traditions that I have. I go on multiple ATV trips each year with my “second family – very close friends”. We typically ride around the mountains in NH or Maine.

What is the first thing you are going to do once the pandemic is over?

Wes: I am really looking forward to traveling to Portugal. I foresee a lot more traveling in my future.

If you could have one superpower, ­what would it be?

Wes: The ability to fly and travel wherever you want quickly. How awesome would it be to visit family and friends across the country whenever you wanted?

Something new you would like to learn this year.

Wes: I am really looking forward to working my way through various AWS certifications this year and improving my knowledge in security and cloud architecture.

One thing about you that no one knows in the organization.

Wes: I am fluent in both Portuguese and English. I grew up speaking both languages and some of my family members can only speak Portuguese. My mother was the first member of our family to travel to America from Portugal when she was 18.

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