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Something for Everyone: TMS, the Everything Software

Man sitting in front of a TMS system

A TMS isn’t just another business software, it’s a lifestyle for business. Perhaps some disagree or find it confusing or difficult to use, but it truly is an easier way to do business.

What Is a TMS?

A TMS is a software that aids in the company’s cash flow, freight bills, customer satisfaction, and warehouse production. This system makes it easier for a company to keep track of their finances, inventory, deliveries, and freight companies through one easy program.

TMS Benefits

The great thing about a TMS is that there are so many benefits that create so many possibilities for a company. Allowing for freight management and payment, customer service advancements, financial organization, inventory numbers, and warehouse production, this product serves every business to the fullest.

Financial organization is one of the largest parts of a TMS, and one of the most important. By tracking the company’s finances and cash flow, it’s extremely easy to perform an audit on company information and funds at a moment’s notice. Allowing any management or corporate level employees track and audit any aspect of the business to ensure optimum performance in all areas.

Freight management and payment comes in second for TMS features. With a TMS, a business can track payments made to freight companies, track their progress with deliveries, and contact drivers for last minute changes to a run. All of these features allow the company to optimize freight levels and ensure they have the best company at the best price whose drivers can change their course quickly if needed.

Inventory and warehouse production, which go hand-in-hand, is the next important piece of a TMS. The allowance of automatically updating the TMS system every time an item is purchased, delivered, or made provides the newest numbers and keeps inventory on track. This allows for less time having to count things by hand to ensure the numbers line up. Due to this capability, warehouse production would be improved because they can spend less time focusing on inventory and more time packaging and shipping orders or organizing the warehouse.

Customer service, while not quite as important as the others, is still a very important part of a TMS system. By keeping track of everything else, companies can ensure the products are always on hand and delivered on time to their customers. This boosts customer ratings and keeps them coming back.

Researching the Right TMS

While each of these aspects of a TMS are important, none are more so than research. There is a lot of information out there about TMS systems and all of it can be useful. You just have to know what your company needs and search for the TMS system that has everything to make those needs a reality. It’s important to start with the basics, what does your company need most? Once you’ve answered that question and you’ve found all the versions of a TMS that allow for that one thing, you can move on to the other features to see what it might be helpful to have beyond that important feature. Don’t lose faith in the system. It’s complicated at first, but well worth it in the end.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally written for the GTG Technology Group, Something for Everyone: TMS, the Everything Software.

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