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What is an Intermodal Marketing Company

The Transportation Solution that an Intermodal Marketing Company Provides

If the truck drivers, train engineers, and boots on the ground are the face of the intermodal industry, how does everyone know where to go? How does everything come together to form the well oiled organism that is the intermodal industry? The answer: Intermodal Marketing Companies!!
Intermodal marketing companies are all about the logistics. Their goal is to purchase capacity directly from railroads and trucking firms to give the shipper or customer that door-to-door service. Without intermodal marketing companies, a shipper would have to call the different companies, coordinate pickups, transfers, check points, and drop offs. In addition to that, they still have to run their own companies! The shipping alone is enough of a stress point on its own.
If your head hurts just by the thought of this, your business should be grateful for intermodal marketing companies. Think of them as trusted brokers. They do the hard part for you which allows you to focus on the main aspects of your business. Once you press that SHIP button, these companies go to work to orchestrate each step of your product(s) shipping process to ensure a punctual delivery.
For intermodal marketing companies, they are the planners and mediation between the shipper and the intermodal industry. It is their job to establish the relationships with railroad and motor carriers. They purchase the capacity and work with these companies to ensure efficiency on both sides. This allows intermodal companies to focus on the intricate details of actually shipping products. Both sides benefit from the ability to hand over the searching, finding, and organizing to another organization.

Software Needs for Intermodal Marketing Companies

Typically, the drayage business is run separately from the trucking and railroad business, which are also managed separately. For an intermodal marketing company, there is a temptation to get separate drayage software, trucking software, and railroad software. You would have to shop among different companies trying to determine which company has the best of which software. The options appear endless. Being the go-between can be a difficult task that requires a lot of foresight, organization, and monitoring. That is where we come in.

Providing a Comprehensive Intermodal Software Solution

At GTG, we are dedicated to making the entire shipping process easier for intermodal companies and intermodal marketing companies. Because intermodal marketing companies are responsible for communication, reporting, and execution regarding each shipment, we believe our software solutions would be a perfect fit for your organization.

Our software is a service that we offer that allows you to manage all of your contacts (clients, vendors, etc.), operations, and end-to-end visibility. Our software is a one-stop shop for your needs as you are the one-stop shop for others. Whether you are looking for drayage, trucking, or railroad software, GTG Technologies has the comprehensive and integrated software and capabilities to meet and exceed your needs.

Our Steps to a 360” Intermodal Software Solution

After contacting us to discuss your needs, the simple steps to set up our software for you are as follows.

1) Gap analysis

We will observe your company and determine how things flow and examine your pain points, issues that compromise efficiency or present another problem that hinders your growth. We will also highlight steps that could be potentially slowing down your processes thereby affecting your efficiency.

2) Initial setup

We set up our software with your company. We present you with our software that will alleviate or even eliminate those pain points we highlighted in the previous steps. We continue to observe to see how well our software works for your company.

3) Modifications

Just like a custom-made garment, alterations may be necessary. Very few things work at 100% capacity and perfection on Day 1. We are committed to making sure our software meets the most of your needs and fits well within your company structure. We will be right at your side making adjustments to the software to best fit your needs.

4) Import data

After we have gotten the software to a good point for you, we will begin exporting your data including your client and vendor information, information on other companies you work with, and any data you may have. With this capability, you are no longer searching through multiple different databases in order to set up a shipment. Everything is available to you in ONE software.

5) Testing and Monitoring

After everything is set up, put the software to work! It is time to implement all of your new strategies and start the work. We will work with you after importing your data to make sure everything is working smoothly and efficiently. We will keep monitoring your progress and making adjustments as needed to keep up with your company’s needs.

6) Training

We are willing to train all of your personnel that will be using our software to use it properly so that you can get the most bang for your buck! Working with your personnel will be a great way to ensure the proper use of the software and to quickly identify adjustments that need to be made over time.

7) Go live!!

Your company can now move forward proudly with your new upgrades that were tailor-made for your company’s needs. Don’t worry. GTG Technologies will still be available for questions, concerns, and support with our software.

At GTG Technologies we are committed to providing a comprehensive, integrated transportation management software solution. We know that shipping products across the country is not just as simply as putting in an address and clicking SUBMIT. We are here for the behind-the-scenes workers that make it happen.

From the intermodal industry to the intermodal marketing companies, our software’s main purpose is to provide a solution and improve the efficiency of these organizations. Our job is to make your job easier. This allows you to complete your job more efficiently. For more information about our software solution, feel free to Contact Us for more information. If you would like to Request a Demo, we would be happy to provide that for you as well. Contact GTG Technologies today, and let us help you to smooth out the wrinkles in your current shipping process.

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