What is DrayMaster?

DrayMaster is modern technology for intermodal rate management.

DrayMaster allows you to spend less time on challenging intermodal rates and more time growing your business. DrayMaster delivers faster cash flow for truckers and more efficiency for shippers.

Here\’s a little more detail on how DrayMaster accomplishes this.

Rate data security

Secure, cloud-based administration with password-protection gives you control over who can see and edit your rates.

Quote accuracy

Every quote includes line haul, fuel surcharges, known accessorials, equipment & toll charges, plus an upfront view to possible, unknown accessorials.

Real-time access to rates

Information sharing provides exposure to all vendors and rates through secured cloud-based access across an organization.

TMS integration enables dispatching and booking in a single system with accurate rates through a API connections.

Less back & forth

With less disputes, quotes are accurate so there are fewer invoice disputes and providers get paid faster.

More efficiency

From quicker rate searches with consistent formatting to more options and less time handling disputes, DrayMaster delivers increased efficiency and decreased costs.

“I wish everybody I worked with worked as well as DrayMaster. I haven’t had one complaint about DrayMaster since we started using it and — it’s saving us a lot of money.”

Tom Pratt, DHL
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